My learnings from my one-year software developer experience

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My learnings from my one-year software developer experience

I am 22 years old. I have been working for LUMEL technologies as a full-time Software Developer for 1 year now.

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Communication is important

Clear communication is important when you work with a team. Usually, you need to speak or discuss with your teammates any new requirements, or bug fixes. Most of the time you are working under the plans, When you cannot keep up with the plan, report it to your supervisor or managers so they can adjust their plan. It is very important to be transparent about what you do. After all, better communication leads to better results.

No one knows what you need except for you so don’t wait for your managers to read your mind. Need more support? Ask for it. Have some ideas? Discuss.

I am not good at language. But I always try to tell my opinion or my ideas to my colleagues or managers. It helped me in many cases.

Organize your day

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By keeping organized, you will save time looking for things and will have more time to work on important tasks. Organizing your tasks help you track your work and pending tasks. Part of that stress relief comes in the form of more flexibility and organization of your time. Where there are so many deadlines to follow, knowing what’s coming up in advance can help you plan better.

Be open

Listen to other words and suggestions. If your colleagues give feedback or suggestions on your work, Kindly listen to their words. For example, A code review from your teammate can teach you something new to improve your code.

Ask help

Asking for help to speed up your completion speed because you may be struck by unknown things. Also, while it is good to ask, sometimes it might be better to try finding the answer on your own first. but it took some time to complete that. As I said we are working under the plan and deadlines, So we need to complete tasks before the given time. You are not working alone. your teammates are there to help. It is no one’s sole responsibility to work alone. When you are stuck, it is totally OK to ask for help.

Learn new things every day

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I’m improving my technical skill from my job because, In every day, I am creating something new, so I learn something new for my technical knowledge from my work.

Every new day will teach you new things. A bug teaches you an interesting concept. A newsletter can teach you something new. A video or movie will give some new ideas. From my experience, I usually follow social media and youtube influencers. They really teach me a lot of new things like investment, productivity, and coding. Each blog post improves my vocabulary and design of the blog post. Literally, I am learning new things every day from new people and new content.

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